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Since 1965, Taborsaddles has been hand-manufacturing bicycle leather saddles, providing a product range from work, men and women traditional saddles. Its extreme comfort and distinguished looks make this a product of choice for those aiming for a remarkable quality saddle.


The present general terms and conditions are intend to set all the information about the procedures for ordering, sale, delivery and payment of purchases made on the website of Tabor Saddles, and are not applicable if the customer is not a final personal consumer. Thus, Tabor reserves the right of immediate cancellation of their order and proceed to cash back any amounts already payed.


The customer can place an order through the purchase process available on the website through the Checkout button after selecting the button “I want this!” from the online catalog website available at www.taborsaddles.com.

To formalize your order the customer must:

The completion of the order by the customer is equivalent to its full acceptance, agreement of the presented prices and description of products available for sale, as well as the general conditions of sale.

Tabor will honor the orders received online only up to the limit of the available stock. Tabor compromises to inform the customer as soon as possible of lack of availability of any items regarding his order. The responsibility for the data contained on the invoice is entirely up to the customer. After issued, such invoice cannot be changed.

The requests for orders are valid for 15 (fifteen) days, except when the order is registered under a promotional campaign that specifies a different time period, it is not possible to guarantee the prices, discounts, promotions and offers beyond this deadline. If the payment is not received by our services within that period, the order will not be validated. Any value received after this date will be returned in the form of a voucher, which can be converted into a new order.


All prices displayed on the site are expressed in Euros, with taxes included, including VAT at the time of payment of the order. For acquisitions outside the European economic area, costs regarding customs or any other fees required by the country of destination are not included, and should be supported directly by the customer.

If there are any changes/updates of our price lists regarding items for sale on our website, which implies an increase in the final price, the customer will be promptly informed (if case he has any pending order), and can either receive his order (making the payment of the increase cost) or cancel his order.

The prices shown at “checkout” will always correspond to the most updated prices, however, they should only be considered as valid when viewed on a refreshed website page (cache or pages not refreshed, can show outdated prices). Our prices can only be guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is duly registered and paid in accordance with the payment terms set out in this document.


Tabor Saddles website may present several proposals of promotional prices, in the form of percentage discounts on the regular public sale price, which can be seen on various pages, in particular, the product specifications web pages, highlighted ares of product display and/or in search results lists.

All promotions are valid within a specified time frame.

The promotional discounts represent a commitment during the period announced, but always on the condition that the order is completed by the customer through the process of “checkout” and paid by the end of this period.

Saving a product in the “shopping basket” does not guarantee the price or discount!


Tabor offers it's customers payment by Paypal gateway through which credit card payments are also available.

Customers shall pay a sum corresponding to total cost of processing the order; these additional costs include packaging/handling and shipping.

After confirmation of payment, Tabor will sent an email to confirm the validation of the order within 24 hours. The e-mail will be sent to the electronic address indicated by the customer at the time of registration on the website.


Tabor offers shipping all orders by TNT carrier. Shipping charges vary according to the weight of the order and the place of delivery, selected by the customer. To determine the shipping cost of an order, customers must add desired products to shopping basket and proceed to “checkout”, thus confirming the value of shipping costs.

Tabor will not deliver orders PO Boxes.

Estimated times for processing any order, usually takes 3 labor days, while Tabor provides it's order shipment trough DHL services.

To obtain an estimate of the total time until an order is received, you should take notice of the following formula (valid upon confirmation of payment):

Total Time for Delivery = Availability of products* + Shipping

For instance, an order paid by credit card (immediate payment = 0 days), composed by two distinct products with a stock availability of 72 hours (3 labor days) and shipping to Finland (Transit time = 1 labor day), implies that your order will be delivered within 4 labor days (0+3+1).

Tabor will make every possible effort to comply with estimated delivery times, but, should any delay occur, we will promptly notify you of the delay and if wished, you can cancel your order

*Availability of products: time frame in which all products are available for shipping. In an order of two or more products, with different availability of stock, you should always consider the greater value presented.


In the rare case you are not satisfied with your order, we grant you the right to cancel it, but all costs inherent to shipping the returned goods to Tabor will be supported entirely by you.

In order to do this, you must return your order within 14 days from the date of payment, using the form available on corresponding order page. The return process is simple but varies according to the country of origin.

In case of doubt, you should contact Tabor through our customer support center available by email: hello@taborsaddles.com.

Tabor does not accept any returns sent to collect by the recipient or by reimbursement.

Tabor will provide a cash-back via the same means of payment that was used by the customer in the initial transaction or by bank transfer.

Returned products must be in good conditions of sale, without any damage or malfunction, in the original undamaged box, accompanied by all the additional elements or promotional items as well as the respective invoice (imperative). The right of reimbursement will be valid only after Tabor department of quality inspection, and any final decision will be communicated to the customer by e-mail no later than 5 working days upon date of arrival.

If the value resulting from the exchange of products of an order is greater than the initial value, the customer will have to pay the difference.

If the value resulting from the exchange of products of an order is less than the initial value or in case of a return, the customer can choose one of the following forms of refund of the amount paid in excess.

Articles sent free of charge, in the form of gifts, bonus or promotional actions, will not be reimbursed.


Tabor will ensure the highest levels of confidentiality and security of relevant data transmitted over the internet.

The processing of their personal data is done in compliance with the legislation regarding protection of personal data. This information, subject to automatic processing, will appear in Tabor database(s) and is intended for registration, statistical operations and presentation of other products and services, as well as institutional information only.

The customer authorizes Tabor to treat automated personal data provided by any purchase order, namely by the use of cookies. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer that allow us to improve your experience using our website www.taborsaddles.com.

While the website have secured areas where information is encrypted, there are other personal data that circulate in an open network, not being protected. Tabor cannot be held responsible for any communication of access passwords, confidential codes or any sensitive information that may be accessed improperly in such areas (you should always make sure that your entering sensible information using our secured servers – you can verify this by checking the green lock that appears on our website in the URL address, at the top of your browser).


The entire contents of the website, newsletters, texts, images, illustrations, photographs, trademarks and all other elements are Tabor intellectual property and may not be copied or reproduced, in it’s whole or part, except to the extent strictly necessary to allow its online viewing.

Any and all links referring to the website www.taborsaddles.com, using the technique of "framing" or "in-Line linking" are therefore prohibited.

Should you have a website and want to place, for your personal use, a link that refers directly to Tabor saddles website, you must ask for Tabor written authorization.


Our Newsletter refers to e-mailings with offers, promotions and information, sent directly to the email address that the customer supplied upon it's registration on Tabor Saddles website.

To modify your personal data or cancel the request to send the Newsletter, you must go to your personal online area and disable this option.


Customers can submit their complaints personally or by writing to Tabor, located in Rua Alto do Vale do Grou, 953, 3750-870 Borralha, Águeda, Portugal or via electronic email to: hello@taborsaddles.com.

However, the ODR - ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONODR - ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION website is also available as a means of dispute resolution, which is an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.


The applicable law to any contractual dispute, is restricted to the Portuguese law and shall be resolved by Portuguese Court's, namely Águeda Judicial Court.

General Terms and Conditions updated on 14-01-2019


Data Protection Regulation

Personal Data

Accordingly to the Data Protection Regulation, Personal Data is defined as:
“Any information relative to a singular person or identifiable ("owner of such information"); A singular identifiable is one that can be identified, directly or indirectly, namely by a reference to an indicator such as a name, identification number, address data, online identification or to one or more specific physical factors, physiological, genetic age, mental, economical, cultural or social of that particular person.“.

How we use your information This privacy warning is intended to broadly inform how we, Tabor, collect and use your personal data, being that whenever there's place to collect them, we will inform you about the purpose and treatment that such data will be given.

Why does Tabor needs to collect and store personal data?

So we can provide you with a specific service, we need to collect personal information with the sole purpose to supply you that service. In any case, we are committed in assuring that the collected information is appropriate to the intended use and doesn't constitute an invasion of your privacy.P regarding being contacted for marketing purposes, Tabor will contact you directly in order to gain adicional consent, should such need and interest arise.

Will TABOR share my data with anyone else? We can send your personal data to external providers hired by TABOR, while we maintain a commercial relation with you. Any third party that we may be sharing your information is obligated to maintain them securely and use the exclusively to execute tasks in our behalf. When such information is no longer required, they will destroy the supplied data accordingly with TABOR proceedings. In the rare case that we would send your sensible information to a third party collaborator, we would only do that once we gather your expressed consent, unless we are obligated to otherwise by law.

How will TABOR use the personal data that they will get from me?

TABOR will process (gather, storage ans use) the supplied information in a proper way, in terms with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will do everything in our reach to maintain your personal data accurate and updated, for no longer than we need them. TABOR is obligated by law to maintain such information for taxes and audit purposes. The time-frame in witch certain types of information must be held can also be determined by specific recommendations of the business sector and current practices. Personal data can be mantened beyond those periods, depending of the individual needs of the business.

Under which circumstances will TABOR contact me?

Our goal is to be unobtrusive and we commit to not ask irrelevant or unnecessary questions. Furthermore, all supplied information will be subject to strict measures and procedures in order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access or advertising.

Can I know what personal data your organization maintains about me?

By your request, TABOR can confirm which information we have about you and how it is processed. If TABOR has any personal data, you can request the following information:

Identity and contact details of the person or organization that determined how and why your data should be processed. In some cases, this will be a EU representative.

Contact data of the responsable for the Privacy of data, when applicable. The goal of processing, as well as the legal grounds for such. If the data processing is based on the lawful interests of TABOR or of a third-party collaborator, and information about those interests. The categories of personal data gathered, storaged and processed. Recipients or categories of recipientes to whom those data will be given. If we plan on transfer the personal data to a third-country or international organization, information about how we guarantee that it is done in a safe way. UE has approved the delivery of personal data to some countries due that they follow a minimum standard data protection program. In other cases, we will assure the existance of specific measures to protect your information. How long will the data be stored. Details of your rights to amend, delete, restrict or oppose to that processing. information about your right to withdraw your consent at any time.

How to file a complaint along with the supervising authority.

If the supply of personal data is a legal requirement or a contractual one, or if it is necessary to elaborate a contract, as well as if it is mandatory to supply the personal data and the possible consequences if such data is not supplied. The source of personal data if it wasn't collect directly from you. Any detail and information of automated decisions, such as profiles and any significant information and consequences of such processing.

What's the identification data that I need to give in order to access the exercise of my rights ? TABOR accepts the following means of identification when information about your personal data is required: [Citizenship card, Passport, or Drivers licence]

Contact details of the responsable for Data Protection:

Responsable : TABOR Address : Rua do Alto do Vale do Grou, 953, 2750-870 BORRALHA, ÁGUEDA, PORTUGAL E-mail : geral@tabor.pt

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